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Klondike Mines Railway


Superintendent Brian Pate
Location Yukon Territory
Interchange CPR
Size 27 ft by 13 ft
Scale HOn3
Era 1949
Control DCC Lenz Plus
Clock Speed 6:1
Session Length 3 Hours
Crew Size 8 to 10
Dispatching TT&TO
Car Forwarding switchlist
Communication telephone
Jobs Dispatcher, 2 yardmasters, engineers
Accessibility driveway and stairs
Prototype/Freelanced Scaleprototype
Length of Mainline
Number of Passing Sidings 5
Scenery Complete 90%
Motive Power
Rolling Stock
Train Lengths
Track Construction handlaid switches and Micro Engineering flextrack
Session Atmosphere serious fun

Klondike Mines Railway – Brian Pate

The Klondike Mines Railway is a 3-foot gauge common carrier set in the Yukon's Klondike gold fields in 1949. It serves the gold-dredging operations there, as well as the needs of the general population. The Vancouver, Westminster and Yukon Railway interchanges with the KMR, and runs south to an interchange with the Canadian Pacific Railway at Sicamous.
The layout is double deck and built in HOn3/HO scale, with single- and dual-gauge switches handlaid, and the scenery 90% complete, with some structures (all scratchbuilt) still to be added.
Train control is by Lenz DCC. Operation is by TT&TO with a 6:1 fast clock, and communication between train crews and the dispatcher by telephone. Freight operations are controlled by computer generated switchlists. The layout can accommodate 8 to 10 operators. In a typical operating session, thirteen trains are run at present, consisting of local and long-distance passenger and freight trains on the three railways.
The layout was described in Model Railroad Planning for 2007.
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